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Sex addiction is a serious problem involving persistent and increasing patterns of sexual behavior. Sex addicts are victims of a mental obsession so powerful that no amount of willpower can break it. There is no such thing as the personal conquest of this compulsion by the unaided will. The Addiction Recovery Center offers treatment for sex addiction by counseling staff trained in the treatment of sex addiction as well as individual, marital, group and family therapy.

We are the exclusive provider of the LifeSTAR™ programs in the Bay Area to address the issues of sex addiction.

Our approach is unique because we offer an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that treats both the addict and the partner in a unique Dual Track Program, which significantly improves the recovery to sobriety of body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Partners of Addicts

Partners of Addicts

The Addiction Recovery Center is the exclusive provider of the LifeSTAR™ programs in the Bay Area to address the issues of sexual addiction. Our approach is unique because we offer Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that treats both the addict and the partner in a unique, Dual Track Program which significantly improves the recovery to sobriety of body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Addicts and their partners are welcomed

The Addiction Recovery Center provides a safe and confidential setting where addicts and their partners can feel supported and understood as they work to understand how the destructive behaviors have affected them individually and as a couple. Addicts and their partners will be educated and empowered to make healthy decisions about their life.

LifeSTAR Bay Area is recommended for anyone who wants to stop any of the following behaviors

  • Viewing pornography
  • Masturbation
  • Infidelity (emotional and sexual)
  • Inappropriate relationships (chatting, posting profiles, texting, etc..)
  • Sexual acting out (strip clubs, prostitution, massage parlors, escorts, etc…)

The LifeSTAR programs comprise four phases designed to build upon one another toward recovery and healing:

  • Phase I: Getting Started Seminars
  • Phase II: Recovery Groups
  • Phase III: Advanced Groups
  • Phase IV: Aftercare

Contact us at 408.491.9804 or on this site for more information

Codependency for Women

Codependency for Women

All women who identify themselves as codependent are invited to apply to participate in this small group of 5 to 8 women. We will use the book, Compelled to Control, by J. Keith Miller. Codependent women will find this Group a safe place:

  • To reconnect with yourself and with God
  • To develop skills to repair broken relationships
  • To find freedom from self-defeating patterns
  • To work on healthy boundaries
  • To belong, be heard, and be understood



The Adiction Recovery Centeris proud to join with the LifeSTAR™ program, YouthSTAR™ to provide our teens a way out of the compulsive use of pornography and similar compulsive behaviors. Both parents and youth have an opportunity to participate in treatment and education.

The YouthSTAR™ treatment program is a short, comprehensive outpatient treatment program intended for teens aged 12-18 who want to learn about the following harmful behaviors:

  • Viewing pornography
  • Masturbation
  • Sexualized relationships and interactions (sexting, online or in person)

Parents are involved and are given tools and resources as part of the YouthSTAR program to help their children succeed in overcoming their unwanted sexual behaviors.

For more information CALL 408-491-9804 or for interview appointment.

Other Addictions

Education and treatment are available for Gambling/Spending addictions, as well as resources for Food Addictions and a variety of compulsive behaviors. Please contact us for more information: 408.491.9804


Calendar: Treatment Events

The Addiction Recovery Center offers a broad spectrum of treatment options involving individual, family and community programs aimed at education and recovery.

Phase One: Getting Started Seminar

  • July 21st, 2012

A psychoeducational format designed to educate the participants about addiction:

  • What happens in the brain
  • What were the negative childhood influences
  • What role does toxic shame play
  • What happens to the couple

At the end of the six sessions, each participant will have received a clear understanding of the problem and most importantly the way out of the bondage of addiction and into recovery.

Each Seminar is a three-hour class, complete with video and interactive components in an
educational format, and confidential setting.

"Refresher Seminar": Coming This Spring!

All Alumni of The ARC, addicts and partners, are invited to 'REFRESH' your memory on your learning experience. Dr. Fifield and her Staff are responding to a large request from the community for this course.

Dr. Mary Anne Fifield: Teaching Schedule

  • July 2011: Western Seminary, Santa Clara, CA-'Sex Addiction Treatment' for professionals.
  • September 23-24, 2011: Fresno Pacific University Biblical Seminary, 'Sex Addiction Treatment' for professionals.

These classes are intensive seminars for student credit or licensed therapist’s CEUs. The focus is on sex addiction discussing the roles played by the changes in the brain; the attachment trauma suffered in childhood; the types of acting out behaviors; and the treatment of the disorder.

Community Presentations

Community presentations to parents concerned about the effects on their teens of pornography, sexting and other destructive sexual behaviors will begin again the early months of 2011. The presentation to approximately 150 parents at Saratoga Federated Church in September 2010 at Saratoga, CA was enthusiastically received.
Community presentations to Stephen Ministers on addiction will begin again in 2011. The presentation in October 2010 at St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church, San Jose, CA introduced this painful subject to a room of caring volunteers.
Dr. Fifield and her team are available to present on these difficult subjects to the public, both lay and professional. Please contact us for more information: 408.491.9804.

Radio Appearance

Dr. Mary Anne Fifield will be a guest on KFAX on August 25th. Podcasts can be found here and here.

The Addiction Recovery Center Conference Exhibitions:

  • April 11-12, 2011, National Human Resources Conference, Burlingame, CA
  • May 11-13, 2011, CAMFT Annual Conference, Burlingame, CA
  • October 28-29, 2011, NASW Conference
  • October, 2011, CSAM Conference
  • November, 2011, National Pastor's Breakfast, Milpitas, CA

Serenity Prayer Workbook Arrived January, 2011

October 2010, Dr. Fifield presented a seminar on how to apply the Serenity Prayer in an individual’s life, personally and practically. The Serenity Prayer Workbook is now available by request only: contact Dr. Fifield to request a book.

The ARC offers a multi-phased approach to recovery:

Phase One: Getting Started Seminar

Hope for the Addict, Partner, the Broken Marriage

Six Saturday Mornings

Phase Two: Recovery Group

Help for the Addict, Partner and the Transition Marriage

Eight-month commitment, weekly group for strengthening individual recovery
The 1.5 hour small groups meet in a Staff facilitator’s office during the week. The addicts and the partners each have their own support group. The format continues to be educational, with workbooks and outside assignments.
Additional weekly 12-Step Program participation is expected. Psychological assessments are given to all participants to more closely tailor the program to meet individual needs. Couples coaching is strongly suggested to help the couple in the trauma of their Transition Marriage stage and to facilitate full disclosure to promote healing.

Additional Benefit to Parents of Teenagers

We provide an educational and support group for your teen children while you participate in Phase 2 and Phase 3. We support the entire family in education and recovery.

Phase Three: Advanced Group

Help for the Addict, Partner and the Transition Marriage

18-Month commitment, weekly group, for in-depth personal healing
The 1.5 hour weekly small groups continue with a shift in focus to each client’s personal history from birth to the present. Emphasis is given to the story of their family-of-origin, and childhood patterns of abuse and to those who were there to help along the way.
Continuing weekly 12-Step Program attendance, working with a sponsor and additional psychological assessments are essential to successful recovery. Trauma Reduction Therapy (TRT) is added to reduce the painful effects of trauma and grief. Couples coaching continues as the couple is beginning their shift into their Recovery Marriage stage. The ARC LifeSTAR™ IOP Program culminates with a graduation celebration.

Phase Four: Aftercare Groups

Help for the Couples and Individuals

One-year commitment

Constructing the Recovery Marriage Seminar

Regular Support group for individuals and couples