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  • Sex addiction affects nearly 12 million people in the United States. With sex materials readily available through the Internet, cable television and videos, these numbers are increasing. If you’re suffering from sex addiction, we can help.
  • Training, teaching and treatment are the cornerstones of our foundation. We offer a dual track program of treatment for both the sex addict and their partner.
  • Teenagers have ready access to pornography via the internet. This behavior can be destructive, both to the teen's self-esteem, social relationships and scholastic endeavors.

This 6-week seminar focuses on the basics of sexually compulsive behaviors and is intended for both the Addict and Partner to attend together.

STARTING January 19th and
April 13, 2013

This 12-week series will explore ways to understand the true nature of codependent traits while developing alternative, healthier ways of engaging others. Starting Soon

For all ARC Alumni who attended a Phase One Seminar and wish to review the basics of recovery from sexually compulsive behavior.


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About The ARC

The Addiction Recovery Center (ARC) is a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to bring individuals and families ravaged by addiction into recovery and a deeper spiritual life.

The keys to our success revolve around three principles:

  • We treat addictive behavior using state-of-the-art methods.
  • We train dedicated professionals who care.
  • We teach the community about addiction.

The ARC’s Outpatient Treatment Program is the Bay Area’s first comprehensive outpatient treatment program for sexually compulsive behavior, and is the exclusive provider for the LifeSTAR™ Bay Area Program.

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