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Book List

Beattie, M.
Co-dependent no more
Beyond codependency

Bradshaw, J.
Healing the shame that binds you

Carnes, P.
Contrary to love: Helping the sexual addict
Don’t call it love: Recovery from sexual addiction
Out of the shadows, 2nd edition
A gentle guide through the twelve steps
The betrayal bond
Sexual anorexia

D. L. Delmonico and E. Griffen
In the shadows of the Net
Facing the shadow
Carnes, S. ed Mending a shattered heart
Corley, M. D. and J. P. Schneider. Disclosing secrets: When, to whom, and how much to reveal
Delmonico, D. L., E. Griffen, and J. Moriarity. Cybersex unhooked
Earle, R. H. and M R. Earle. Sex addiction
Hall, L. An affair of the mind
Friends in Recovery
The twelve steps for Christians

Kasl, C. D.
Women, sex and addiction

Laaser, M.
Faithful and true
Faithful and true: Sexual integrity in a fallen world. (workbook)

D. Laaser and P. Carnes
Open hearts

May, G.
Addiction and grace

Milkman H. and S. Sunderwirth
Craving for ecstasy

Mellody, P.
Facing codependency
Facing love addiction

Schaumburg, H. W.
False intimacy

Schneider, J. P.
Back from betrayal: A ground-breaking guide to recovery
for women involved with sex-addicted men

Schneider, J. P. and B. Schneider
Sex, lies, and forgiveness: Couples
speaking out on healing from sex addiction, 2nd ed.

Silverman, S. W.
Love sick: One woman’s journey through sexual addiction


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SA: Sexaholics Anonymous

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Alarming Statistics

From Top Ten Reviews:

From Blazing Grace:

2006 Usage:

  • Every second – $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography
  • Every second – 28,258 Internet users are viewing pornography
  • Every second – 372 Internet users are typing adult search terms into search engines
  • Every 39 minutes: a new pornographic video is being created in the United States

2006 Worldwide Revenues: 97.06 billion. US, 13.33 billion.

  • The pornography industry is larger than the revenues of the top technology companies combined: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo!, Apple, Netflix and EarthLink
  • At 13.3 billion, the 2006 revenues of the sex and porn industry in the U.S. are bigger than the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball combined.

2006 Children Internet Pornography Statistics

  • Average age of first Internet exposure to pornography: 11 years old
  • 15-17 year olds having multiple hard-core exposures: 80%
  • 8-16 year olds having viewed porn online: (90% (most while doing homework)
  • 7-17 year olds who would freely give out home address: 29%
  • 7-17 year olds who would freely give out email address: 14%
  • Children’s character names linked to thousands of porn links: 26 (Including Pokemon and Action Man)

2006 Internet Pornography Statistics:

  • Pornographic websites: 4.2 million
  • Pornographic pages: 420 million
  • Daily pornographic search engine requests: 68 million
  • Daily pornographic emails: 2.5 billion
  • Internet users who view porn: 42.7%
  • Monthly Pornographic downloads (Peer-to-peer): 1.5 billion
  • Daily Gnutella “child pornography” requests: 116,000
  • Websites offering illegal child pornography: 100,000
  • Sexual solicitations of youth made in chat rooms: 89%
  • Youths who received sexual solicitation: 1 in 7
  • United States has 244,661,900 porn pages
  • Largest consumer of Internet pornography: 35 – 49 age group
  • Men admitting to accessing pornography at work: 20%
  • Promise Keeper men who viewed pornography in last week: 53%
  • Christians who said pornography is a major problem in the home: 47%
  • Breakdown of male/female visitors to pornography sites: 72% male – 28% female
  • 60% of all website visits are sexual in nature
  • The No. 1 search term used at search engine sites is the word “sex”.
  • The study also found that “pornography/porno” was the fourth-most searched for subject.
  • 72 million: The approximate number of unique visitors to adult websites in 2006, per month, worldwide.
  • 420 million: Total number of porn pages worldwide
  • Women keeping their cyber activities secret: 70%
  • Percentage of visitors to adult websites who are women: 1 in 3 visitors
  • Women accessing adult websites each month: 13%