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Beattie, M.

Co-dependent no more

Beyond codependency


Bradshaw, J.

Healing the shame that binds you


Carnes, P. 

Contrary to love: Helping the sexual addict

Don’t call it love: Recovery from sexual addiction

Out of the shadows, 2nd edition

A gentle guide through the twelve steps

The betrayal bond

Sexual anorexia


D. L. Delmonico and E. Griffen

In the shadows of the Net

Facing the shadow

Carnes, S. ed Mending a shattered heart

Corley, M. D. and J. P. Schneider. Disclosing secrets: When, to whom, and how much to reveal

Delmonico, D. L., E. Griffen, and J. Moriarity. Cybersex unhooked

Earle, R. H. and M R. Earle. Sex addiction

Hall, L. An affair of the mind

Friends in Recovery

The twelve steps for Christians


Kasl, C. D.

Women, sex and addiction


Laaser, M.

Faithful and true

Faithful and true: Sexual integrity in a fallen world. (workbook)


D. Laaser and P. Carnes

Open hearts


May, G.

Addiction and grace


Milkman H. and S. Sunderwirth

Craving for ecstasy


Mellody, P.

Facing codependency

Facing love addiction


Schaumburg, H. W.

False intimacy


Schneider, J. P.

Back from betrayal: A ground-breaking guide to recovery 

for women involved with sex-addicted men


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Sex, lies, and forgiveness: Couples 

speaking out on healing from sex addiction, 2nd ed. 


Silverman, S. W.

Love sick: One woman’s journey through sexual addiction