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Treatment of Sex/Love Addiction

The Addiction Recovery Center specializes in the treatment of Sex/Love Addiction and is the exclusive provider of the LifeSTARTM programs for the Bay Area (See below).

Men and women who find that they are "hooked" on love/lust can find freedom and develop healthy relationships. Call us today at 408-907-3176 or contact us via email.

LifeSTARTM Bay Area

The Addiction Recovery Center is proud to be the exclusive provider of the LifeSTARTM program for sex and love addiction in the Bay Area.

This program is designed to help the addict to recover and the partner to heal. We welcome individuals, addicts without their partner, singles and partners alone.

As an Intensive Outpatient Program, LifeSTARTM includes protocols and methods that are found in the most recognized inpatient programs. Emphasis is given to healing trauma, to facilitating disclosure and to working with a Couples Coach for help during this most difficult of times. We have an annual graduation ceremony to celebrate the successes of all the participants.

LifeSTARTM Phase 1

Getting Started Seminar: Hope for the Sex/Love Addict, Partner, the Broken Marriage

  • A psychoeducational format designed to educate the participants about addiction:
    • What happens in the brain
    • What were the negative childhood influences
    • What role does toxic shame play
    • What happens to the couple
  • At the end of the six sessions, each participant will have received a clear understanding of the problem and most importantly the way out of the bondage of addiction and into recovery.
  • Each Seminar is a two-hour class, complete with video and interactive components in an educational format, and confidential setting.

LifeSTARTM Phase 2

Recovery Groups: Help for the Sex/Love Addict, Partner and the Transition Marriage

  • Eight-month commitment, weekly group for strengthening individual recovery.
  • The 1.5-hour small group meets in a Staff Facilitator’s office during the week. The addicts and the partners each have their own support group. The format continues to be educational, with workbooks and outside assignments.
  • Additional weekly 12-Step Program participation is expected.
  • Psychological assessments are given to all participants to more closely tailor the program to meet individual needs.
  • Couples’ coaching is strongly advised to help the couple in the trauma of their Transition Marriage stage and to facilitate full disclosure to promote healing.

LifeSTARTM Phase 3

Advanced Groups: Help for the Sex/Love Addict, Partner and the Recovery Marriage

  • 18-month commitment to a weekly group for in-depth personal healing
  • The 1.5-hour weekly small group continues with a shift in focus to each client’s personal history from birth to the present. Emphasis is given to the story of their family-of-origin, and childhood patterns of trauma and to those who were there to help along the way.
  • Continuing weekly 12-Step Program attendance, working with a sponsor and additional psychological assessments are essential to successful recovery.
  • Trauma Reduction Therapy (TRT) is added to reduce the painful effects of trauma and grief.
  • Couples coaching continues as the couple is beginning their shift into their Recovery Marriage stage.
  • The ARC LifeSTAR™ Bay Area Program culminates with a graduation celebration

LifeSTARTM Phase 4

Continuing Care: Help for the Couple and Individual

  • One-year commitment

Treatment of Sexual Offenses

If you are in the court system for a sexual offense, the ARC is a State Certified Sex Offender Treatment Program. We offer help that is non-shaming and supportive to you and your family. We will work with your lawyer as you move through the process. Email or call us at 408-907-3176 today.

Treatment of Codependency

Did you grow up in a home that lacked sufficient nurturing? Were there drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, or other harmful compulsive behaviors? If so, we can help you heal from the damage and find new healthy ways to live. Email or call us today at 408-907-3176.


If someone you care for is lost in addiction and you don’t know where to turn, we can help. Please call us at 408-907-3176 or email us today. The ARC’s Interventionist will contact you to begin the process of moving your loved one toward getting the help they need.

Treatment of Disordered Eating

If you are struggling with a pattern of eating that is causing you distress - such as over or under eating, binge eating, or a pattern of unsuccessful dieting - we can help. Please call us at 408-907-3176 or email us today.

Treatment of Gambling Problems

Has your gambling caused serious consequences for you and your family? If so, we can help. We have authorized California state problem-gambling treatment providers for help and support to stop. Don't wait ... contact us today at 408-907-3176 or via email.

Treatment of Financial Problems

Do you or someone you love have recurring financial problems? Compulsive debting, under-earning, or unsound management of finances that puts the family in jeopardy? We have experienced counselors who can help, so please email or call us today at 408-907-3176.

Treatment of Alcohol & Drug Problems

Have you or someone in your family continued to struggle with alcohol and drug problems? If staying sober is a problem, if your family is suffering, if you are concerned about the children, contact us at 408-907-3176 or via email. We have trained drug and alcohol counselors who can help.






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